We are Converters…

Our "safe-oriented" nature cannot resist to curiosity, knowledge, the extremes of the concept of "avant-garde": "manufacturing" and "converting", a dichotomy so evident that it is expressed daily

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Respect your roots, preserve your nature, embrace the future.

Evolution is an essential constant. And there is a time when a Company may feel the need to renew itself, find itself and rediscover itself.

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“The courage to be”.

Flexible packaging has revolutionized the pharmaceutical, medical and many other industries, offering a versatile, lightweight and sustainable solution for protecting and presenting products of all kinds.

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Pouches that say a lot about us.

Our pouches are the result of a human process. We wanted change so much that, in the end, we achieved it: avantgarde and technology at the service of a shared vision and people’s dedication because, behind our certified quality there are endless tests, a set of integrated procedures and a mix of small attentions necessary…

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Show me something I don’t know.

Laminated medical films are the main character once again. If it is true that flexible packaging enhances (and protects) the product, the events “show solutions to the world“, “drawing a line”, defining industry standards and demonstrating that the real world is still the “perfect place to grow new ideas.

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The ‘Non-paper’

Used as a closure for the packaging of medical-surgical devices, paper represents the ideal material for packaging breathability, even though it is ‘critical’, given its dual function as a FILTER (of the sterilizing agent during the sterilization process) and BARRIER (as it must maintain sterility after EO, STEAM and irradiation sterilizations).

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Sterilizable, flexible and “thick”

Modern healthcare requires high standards in terms of medical packaging: greater safety, flexibility and more dependability are a constant challenge.

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Flexible interfaces, without compromises

Pharmaceutical packaging has a much more important role because it is directly linked to the patient’s health. Its primary function is, of course, to contain a product, which must remain intact during transport, until the consumer opens the packaging.

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Material engineering: environmental impact and sustainability

A…’film’ we’ve already seen! Certainly, over the years, we have heard and read a lot about sustainability and the impact on the world of packaging (not only medical and pharmaceutical).

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