Experience is a founding pillar of our company. Together, the two owners have over 70 years of experience in the medical and pharmaceutical packaging industry. However, the world is evolving rapidly, as are technologies, polymers and machinery: quality, performance and production times are improving, offering solutions and properties that were inconceivable until a few years ago.

For this reason, we are constantly investing in increasingly efficient machinery, consequently expanding, albeit significantly, our (already wide) offer / range of products. This also indissolubly entails being able to have highly qualified and motivated personnel, not only operationally but also in sectors such as strategic marketing, consultancy and technical assistance (pre and post sales).


Quality and delivery.
In 2015, Allflex created a second plant identical to the first one, so much so that the ISO9001 quality certificate is the same showing the two different operating sites. This innovative system in the packaging panorama allows us to offer all our customers an efficient Business Continuity Plan system, thus guaranteeing not only quality consistency but also supply consistency (today this is more than ever essential in a global panorama such as the one we live in). This important aspect makes us essentially different from our competitors and is highly appreciated by many multinational corporations in the medical and pharmaceutical industry with which we work.

Commitment to the human factor.
Our customers entrust us with part of their success and their responsibilities. For this reason we take very seriously not only offering high quality products but also offering a service that is always “up to scratch”, both in terms of punctuality in the deliveries and as a value proposition (in the continuous research and development efforts for less impactful solutions from an ecological point of view and more performing from the point of view of end use). The human factor is a resource: we constantly train and educate many of our internal resources because we believe that trained and expert people can work better for themselves and for our customers.

SAFE HCP: our vocation beyond standards.

Medical and pharmaceutical packaging by vocation.
All the investments we made always have the only purpose of improving quality standards so as to meet – more and more – the healthcare market requirements. All those who work at Allflex (and all of our partners) know what their task is: helping save a life, because each of us, depending on our job, indirectly helps improve people’s health. Looking at our packaging, we are aware that by creating a wrapper and protecting its contents, we are doing something “extraordinary”.

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